10 July, 2009

Jesus 2.0

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Origineel: Jesus 2.0

Jesus: Hey, Judas! I need a good name for my online website.
Judas: You can just say “website”.
Jesus: That is what I said.
Judas: No, you sai- Fine, whatever. What does the website do?
Jesus: Right now I’m thinking it lets you rent movies.
Judas: Like Netflix.
Jesus: No! Because you can also buy books.
Judas: Like Amazon.
Jesus: No, no! Because you can also upload pictures, network with your friends and search for cool stuff on the whole internet.
Judas: Flickr, Facebook, Google.
Jesus: I don’t even think you’re saying words right now.
Judas: So basically you’re going to compete with not just one, but five massive, virtually monopolistic businesses.
Jesus: Wrong again, doofus. We’ll also be selling a multi-touch mobile phone.
Judas: …
Jesus: You know, we’re looking for investors.
Judas: You wiped out my bank account already with your “risk-free skee-ball scheme”. How am I supposed to keep a roof over my head?
Jesus: Eh, you’ll figure out some way to make money.

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