1 October, 2011

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  1.   Reactie van Ann , op 1 October, 2019 @ 21:45

    Risk of getting HIV after unprotected sex? Please
    help !? Please serious answers only – this is obviously very nerve wracking.
    I am a female who had unprotected sex with a male partner last week.

    He said he is clean, but I know he has other female partners (I’m not sure if he uses protection if
    with them, so who really knows if this is true).
    I haven’t had sex in… show more The risk of getting HIV is pretty small *even if you use a dirty
    needle immediately after a HIV positive person*. You should
    relax, the risk is very very small. But in the future, considering how anxious you get after
    a single time having unprotected sex, just don’t do it again.

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