2 January, 2003

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Horoscope for Designers

Gemini: Your monitor will die on you, buy one now. Do not use any vectors in your design today, it will ruin everything. Hire someone to post your site for you, it will help you a lot.

Halfproject Horoscope for the Designers

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  1.   Reactie van Marie , op 2 January, 2003 @ 21:27

    boogschutter: When you run out of ideas for your new layout, stop and make paper airplanes. Throw them out from the 50th floor. Watch. Sip hot coffee and think profound thoughts. You will return to your work fresh with new ideas.

  2.   Reactie van Kwaadbloed , op 2 January, 2003 @ 23:31

    Ik ben schorpioen:
    CAUTION: Your website will be ripped by a designer newbie so make your site temporarily unavailable. Do it now!!!

  3.   Reactie van nathan , op 3 January, 2003 @ 23:39

    Ik ben ook boogschutter, en heb deze tip vandaag op t werk succesvol toegepast. Met die bijgedachte dat ik pas maandag met goede idee-en zal terugkomen (hoop ik ;-)

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