20 October, 2002

Vreemd smsje

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Ontvangen vandaag om 13.30:

Aan’t Lappersfortbos: Maandag om 18 uur is het geld voor bewaking & politie op en het bos terug open. Nog 2 weken volhouden en het bos is gered! sms me verder….

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  1.   Reactie van Kristof , op 28 October, 2002 @ 21:51

    Thank you for your coded order.
    The weapons and ammunition
    will ship by way of the usual route in ten days, and you
    already know our secret Swiss bank account number to
    wire the payment to.

    It is a pleasure doing business with you for so long,
    and I hope your cause will prevail. I am new to this
    particular computer, so I hope the encryption is
    working and the monitoring authorities cannot read
    what I am sending you.

    Long live the Falun Gong! Free Tibet!

    Best regards,
    Your arms supplier

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