6 March, 2006

Google Way Back (in 1998)

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Uit de tijd dat de beesten konden spreken en de meeste mensen nog manieren hadden (1998) : Google! Beta (let op het uitroepteken dat blijkbaar is komen te vervallen)

Aandoenlijk: de help-pagina uit die tijd:

To enter a query into Google, just type in a few descriptive keywords and hit “search.” That’s it! If you need them, however, we also provide a few advanced search operators.

* NEW! The “” operator. Google automatically prefers pages where the query terms are found in close proximity. However, sometimes the only relevant pages are those where some or all of the query words occur as a phrase. You can enclose words in double-quotes (“like this”) to force the words to appear together in all returned documents.
* NEW! The – operator. Sometimes it is helpful to choose words to exclude from a search. That is, you want all relevant result pages except those containing a certain word. We support this “not” functionality with the “-” operator. Simply prefix your query word with a – (-like -this) to make Google ignore all pages containing that word.
* Automatic AND. Google only supports “and” queries. That is, it only returns pages that include all the query terms. The + operator, which enforces “and” behavior on some search engines, is unnecessary on Google (though it can be used to include stopwords; see below).

Hilarisch: de pagina met Google logo’s van toen:

If you would like to include a link to Google on your webpage, feel free to download one of the following “stickers” of our main logo.

En dan de Google Company pagina uit die periode:

Google Inc. is not at present a publicly traded company, and we are currently unable to speculate on whether or when our privately-held status might change.

En de add-url page van toen, vergeleken met de huidige.

Google is ooit klein geweest :)

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